Campaigns with our Advertising Canadian Feather Flags, Less Expensive, More Effective

For many years, advertising with flags is believed to be one effective way to increase the public attention

So many ways of advertising have been introduced in recent decades. There are many types advertising facility that come into one purpose, increasing the marketing number. Those advertisements come in different type such as audio advertising like on the radio, audio visual advertising like on the television, or visual advertisement like on the newspaper, magazine, and banner. As the time pass by and people realize that advertising ways can be explored more and more, they started to create a big visual advertisement to effectively increase their product and service popularity. This big visual advertisement is like big banner, billboard, Neon box, feather flags, and some others.


Visual advertisement, further become popular nowadays since it covers a wide –range of customers’ attention at the place it is set. It seems like the passive way to advertise the product, but effectively attracts a lot of people who pass by. Unfortunately, not all of the visual advertisements are cheap and affordable enough for the company. Some of them are sometimes come with expensive price and a lot taxes. Let’s say, if we use billboard that is able to attract mass attention on the way, the government will surely give the advertiser tax bill to pay. The same cases also happen in other visual advertisement. The good news here is there is still affordable way to attract the mass customers using the visual advertisement. The way is using advertisement flag.

Well, it could make a big question mark why must be advertisement flag and what the special thing in it. Advertising using flag is affordable since it has simpler design and portable use. Flag which is used for advertising also has some effectiveness benefit that impossible to have by other visual advertisement. Let’s say, if you are using your car passing by the street and you find out the advertisement’s flags are placing at the street corner you can easily notice it if you pass the street by every day. Even though you don’t have any intention to look at them at the first time, you will finally get your curiosity to know about them. It is because flags are moving because the wind is blowing there, and sooner or later you will be attracted to see those moving things. It is one benefit that only advertising flag has and surely, it won’t happen in billboard, neon box, and banner.

Another benefit you can get are advertising flag is cheaper. The cost to make banner, billboard, and neon box are mostly more expensive because they need more expensive materials and bigger. By using flag, your advertising cost will be significantly decreased but more effective. For example, If you can see one big banner on the top of building and the some advertising flags in your left or right side at the same time. You will be easy to catch the flags in your attention rather than the big banner.

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